Sersha LLC

Sersha LLC is a Software Consulting and Development Firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded in 2006 bringing together a team of people with backgrounds in Software Development, Graphic Arts, Hardware Sourcing and Management Consulting. Today our Development Team operates in Scottsdale Arizona, Galway Ireland and Lublin Poland.

The highly motivated and experienced team at Sersha is extremely creative with the ability to quickly put the clients needs into actions. The team is seasoned in:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Simple or Complex Web Site Development,
  • Web Hosting,
  • Data Base Management,
  • Server Administration
  • Touch Screen Technology Development


We also provide services for the sale and/or purchase of "Excess or Experienced Inventory" with a Global list of contacts that we work with.

Our Management Consulting Division focuses on current and long range financial planning for small to midsized business. We also specialize in Strategic Planning, Business Mentoring,  Systems Analysis, Project Planning and Project Management. At Sersha we have developed our own custom "Business Health" Mentoring program - The goal of this program being similar to a healthy living program with the initial focus being on defining a personal and business development plan, once the plan has been agreed then a weekly phone call becomes the "call to arms" to ensure that the client sticks to the plan - the "gentle reminder" or "conscience" call - as with any healthy living plan - ensures that client's don't waver or give in to temptation and not continue (stick to the plan). Every call is followed up with a report on the call's contents and agreed actions, and/or to deal with any business issues that crop up in the interim Sersha also has the ability to quickly expand to the scope of work that is required through the use of International Resources.

The name Sersha is derived as a phonetic spelling of the Gaelic name Saoirse which means Freedom. Thus our motto "Freedom to do More". Our philosophy is: never let a human do what a computer can!